Help Save Common Ground

Local media reported this month that The Everett Community Healing Center (aka Common Ground) is in danger of losing its right to do business in SE Portland.
Everett House is a shining example of a Northwest business that is reinforcing the historical connection between nudity and health. Since 1982, the facility has featured clothing-optional hot tubs, saunas, a steam room, flotation tanks and licensed massage therapists.
The article is here:
The Everett House shares some common goals with nudism: to promote body acceptance and promote a healthy lifestyle. Reporters for local papers have written articles describing their first nude experience there as “magical.”
But the future is very uncertain at this point. Nudists are encouraged to do what you can to help.
How You Can Help:
Sign the Petition!
There is an online petition at The Petition, called “Support the Everett House Healing Center.

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