Guess what you can do in the nude!

In this time of social distancing, there are many activities that we have to sacrifice for the common good. Still, there are many opportunities to do things in the nude from home that you might not have considered.

For example, try using Google Hangouts or FaceTime or other conference chat apps with friends. You can just chat or hold virtual BYOB cocktail or tea parties, or potlucks (you only get to eat what you bring), or puzzle parties where participants do their own jigsaw puzzle while everyone chats.

Also, many entertainment outlets are providing free access to content.

You can visit 12 different museums from your couch –
Do you like the opera? You can go to the Metropolitan Opera
in your birthday suit.
If the symphony is more what you enjoy, visit the Seattle Symphony at or the Berliner-Philharmoniker at
Go to the 58th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival without leaving your house and without putting on any clothes from March 24-29 at
You can see a Broadway play or musical –

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