AANR Ballot Proposal

If you are an AANR member, you have should have received information on a ballot proposal and instructions on how to cast your online vote for that proposal.  I sit on the adhoc committee that was instrumental in getting this proposal in the ballot. The goal of our committee is to find innovative ways to grow AANR membership.  Nearly three years ago, the presidents of all of the AANR regions presented proposals on ways to streamline the membership process, which would free up office time to work on membership recruitment.  However, to make these changes and other ideas that we have had since then, it would be necessary to hold membership ballots. The purpose of this ballot is to allow the leadership to make changes to improve the membership process in a timely manner.  We do not have the time or money to hold ballots for each of these decisions.

Please cast your YES vote for this ballot.  It is important.

AANR is important.  People ask what does AANR do for me. Yes, there are benefits.  However, someone said it a few months ago.  AANR is insurance.  AANR watches out for Nudist rights and works for the acceptance of nudity.  If you like to be nude, AANR is important.  And for AANR to succeed, we need membership to grow.  Help us to grow.  If you aren’t an AANR member, please join.  Talk to your club or go to www.aanr.com.  If you are a member, vote YES on your ballot.

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