February 2016 Nudescene

When I became your president over 3 years ago, my plan was to listen to what you wanted and to respond.  During that time, I hope that you have felt that you have been heard.

However, during that time, I have also listened to myself and have learned what I believe it is important for us, as nudists, to stand for and to work for.  Because we live in a society where nudism is frequently equated with sexuality and is considered verboten, where we must be vigilant and watch for laws that would criminalize mere nudity, it is up to us to educate our fellow citizens about nudism.  My good friend Terri Capshaw, one of the owners of Sun Meadow Resort, coined the term ‘Nudity in the Community’.  I love that phrase.  The best way to teach people about nudism is to let them meet us, let them get to know what kind of people we are.  We are not scary.  We are not dangerous.  We are not threatening.  However, inviting them to coffee will probably not work really well.  So let’s get involved in our communities.  Yes, we may have to wear clothes, but we can put up with it for a few hours for the cause.

Many of our clubs are already doing it.  In one weekend in September, there were four community clean up events scheduled.  In conjunction with SOLVE and the Oregon State Parks, AANR-NW participates in several beach cleanups each year.  There was one scheduled for Sauvie Island-Collins Beach and one at Rooster Rock State Park.  On the same weekend, both LARC and Lake Bronson were out doing their Highway Cleanups. I know other clubs also are part of this program, but I’m sure if I list them, I’ll miss some of them.  A few weeks earlier, Kaniksu Ranch had  a fabulous dance which turned into a fundraiser in support of the fire fighters and their efforts.  Hundreds of dollars were raised from Kaniksu Members, prompting the band to remark that they never knew nudists had such deep pockets. These are all great ways for our communities to see nudists as being their helpful neighbors.

Most of our landed clubs are members of their Chamber of Commences.  I know some of them are very active.  Of course that gets publicity for the club out, but it also lets other business leaders get to know a nudist and therefore learn a bit about what nudism is.

We are in the gray time of the year.  But we are also coming up to a time of giving.  Perhaps your club could organize a fundraiser or a clothing or toy drive.  Or how about a blood drive.  They are always in particular need around the winter holidays.

As an individual, you have the greatest opportunity to let people meet a nudist if you are willing to let the people you know that you are a nudist.  If you want to do it in a somewhat subtle way, there are some neat buttons that say “I’m a nudist and I vote”.  Or wear your nudist t-shirts when you go out.  And then answer questions.  You will be surprised how little it really matters to other people once they know.

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