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Why does AANR Matter?


Why should you join AANR or TNS?  What value does it provide to you?  I could always point out the discounts that you get when you visit various nudist clubs, or the publications that let you know where there are safe places to go.  But the real reason that we need AANR is for safety.  Our privilege to be able to practice social nudism is constantly being challenged.  Regularly in this publication we see stories that point out examples of such threats.  Without the network of watchdogs that we/AANR/TNS are, we will lose the progress that has been made by those that have gone before us.  As it is, we win some and we lose some.  But we need to keep up this fight.

We can only do this by continuing to grow.  And this means you.  We need you to continue to be vigilant, letting others know when you see a threat and to join so that we have the membership numbers and dollars to be effective in this struggle.

There are various ways to join AANR.  You can join AANR as an associate through This means that you are an AANR member without a club.   Or you can join AANR at a discounted rate by joining through a club.  There are several event clubs in the region that are actively looking for AANR members.  You can contact them at.

If you are an associate member and would like to transfer your membership to one of these clubs, download the transfer form from and send it to the club of your choice.

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