Trustee Report – Spring 2020

This year, at the AANR Mid-Winter Board, we were able to pass the first budget in years that didn’t need a red pen. This is due to cost savings measures by the AANR office and the small dues increase that went into effect at the beginning of the year.
At this board meeting, the trustees decided to:
• Modify the Dues for Student to $18.
• Modify the Dues for Young Adults to be half of the Basic Rate and thus to be $18.
• Clarify the due dates for legislation amending Bylaws during an Election.
AANR elections are happening this year.
As an AANR-NW member, the offices that you will be able to vote for are:
President – Kathy Watzel, Gloria Waryas
Vice-President – Margie Cantlon
Secretary -Treasurer – Kathy Smith
Trustee – Karen Lahey
There will be several bylaw change proposals.
Two of these bylaw proposals came from the Membership Marketing Committee that I chair. The first proposal is the remove references to dual memberships. This change has already been made in the governance manual, but also needs to be made in the bylaws which needs membership approval. The other of these proposals is to remove the student membership class. We would move all Student Memberships into Young Adult Memberships. This covers more people and simplifies the membership structure.
A new mission statement will be presented to AANR members to be voted on during the election. It reads:
AANR Mission
AANR exists to protect, promote, provide and preserve nude recreation by:
Protecting nudists and naturists from policies at the local, state and federal levels that interfere with the right to enjoy clothing-free recreation in appropriate settings;
Promoting nude recreation by educating government leaders, employers and the public;
Providing support services and community to our members;
Preserving the financial viability, integrity and strength of the AANR organization.

The other proposed bylaw changes are:
• To remove the restriction that no two persons in the same family can serve on the AANR Board of Trustees at the same time.
• To add flexibility to when the AANR Convention may be held.
• To extend the due date for the annual certified audit.
The Membership Marketing Committee that I chair is tasked with membership growth and retention. I am lucky to have a strong group of people on this committee. Our current projects include finding ways to support current and grow new travel/non-landed clubs. We are also looking at who to help new nudist businesses get a start. Currently, we are developing a library of white papers that can be shared across the organization. But any new or different ideas are more than welcome.
If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, please let me know. My email is

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