Welcome Wandering Bare

AANR-NW welcomes our newest event club to the Northwest, Wandering Bare.  Its founder, Joe Haggerty, has sent us an introduction.

Wandering Bare is fun, it’s also nice, pleasant, relaxing, refreshing, exhilarating, exciting, and enjoyable. We enjoy hiking naked and nude recreation to provide a freeing personal quest, to build a closer bond with nature.  We are a group of like-minded people who enjoy being totally natural, with the warm sun and cool breeze on your entire body. It’s an amazing sensation of total freedom.

Wandering Bare invites you to free your inner child! Become closer to nature! Hiking naked through forests, fields, Mountains, and valleys! We’ve hosted Naked Nature Walks at Baskett Slough, Finley, Snag Boat and Ankeny Wildlife Reserves. Wildlife Reserves are a wonderful place for walking naked. They are usually deserted, the people we have met have been friendly and sometimes curious about our group. Our naked walks have always been fun, freeing, and a way to relax and fill your soul with the joys of living.

Wandering Bare has also hosted Naked Mountain Biking in the Bend, OR area. Riding 20 incredible miles of naked mountain biking. Feeling triumphant, a little red from the sun and dusty, our adventures have been fantastic. Nobody took a spill, no mechanical problems, just an amazing afternoon.

This summer we enjoyed World Naked Gardening Day on May 4th.  We celebrated at DoLittle Pastures Farm in Lebanon, Oregon.  Gardening naked is not only a simple joy, but it also reminds us that we can be honest with who we are as part of this planet and discover a closer bond to mother earth at this family-friendly community event. If getting down and dirty in the garden wasn’t your thing. Wandering the 80 acres of forest and meadows, exploring the rustic but well-marked trails with multiple access points to Crabtree Creek.
Labor Day Weekend at DoLittle Pastures Farm we’ll be enjoying Three Days of Clothing Optional Peace, Joy, Pressing Apple cider, Natural Living, Potlucks, and Music. There are several apple trees or bring your favorite apples for pressing. “BYOJ” (Bring Your Own Jug) There will be a potluck lunches and dinners. Then gather in the evening for amusement and merry-making…bring instruments, songs, stories, and obscure talents! “Why gather apples then press them to cider naked?” It’s fun! As nudists, we know doing actives naked always makes it more fun. Joining together we celebrate the freedom of nudism, the victories of summer.

Clothing Optional Blueberry Picking will be an annual event. Terra Fluvia Blueberry Farm in Albany, Oregon hosted a day of unlimited picking Willamette Valley’s Oldest and Bluest Blueberries! Our members said it best!
“Fantastic morning picking blueberries. The farm was great and so were the hosts. The swimming hole was perfect for skinny dipping was a nice cool off after berry picking. Thanks again.”  “Fun morning, peaceful setting, yummy berries, nice people. Thanks again” “Excellent Event, great blueberries, peaceful location. Several people did go for a swim in the river. One of our favorite naturist get togethers yet.”

Wandering Bare is not judgmental! We are open to everybody who enjoys nude recreation, whatever your shape or size. We are all made from the same star-stuff, you are welcome. Nudists are the most friendly and open-minded people you will ever meet. Our goal is to provide a relaxing and safe environment where all participants can feel comfortable to experience the joy of being a nudist in our great outdoors. Just like what GOD intended: “Hang out in a garden with a bunch of nudists”. Before that thing with the apple.

“When wearing only a smile. Be sure to smile a lot.”
Joe Haggerty
Wandering Bare

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