Facebook to Meet with Photographers to Reconsider Nudity Policy

On June 2, 2019, the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) collaborated with the photographer Spencer Tunick to create a nude art installation in New York City to challenge the censorship of artistic nudity on Facebook and Instagram.   125 men and women stripped down and held giant photos of male nipples over their bodies to cover themselves.  The women also put male nipple stickers over their own nipples, since Facebook bans the display of womens’ nipples.

These photographers have the same problems with Facebook and Instragram and their policies concerning nudity that nudists have.  This campaign is #wethenipple.  Read more about this campaign at https://ncac.org/we-the-nipple

Four days later, on June 6th,  Facebook agreed to meet with a group of artists, educators, curators and activists.  They have confirmed that they will reconsider their policy.   Instagram, a photo sharing application,  is owned by Facebook.    However, at this time, nothing has changed.  You can still be banned from Facebook for sharing any nude

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