Across the Board – May 2019

I love nude travel.  People ask why nude vacationing appeals to me.  I like the way it feels to be nude – the feel of the wind on my skin and the peace of water as it skims off of my body.  I like the simplicity of packing and laundry.  In fact, I’m generally not even sure what to pack.  I like meeting other nudists, because they tend to be candid, open and welcoming.  On a nude cruise several years ago, the cruise director stood at the front of the audience and commented that he would normally suggest that we introduce ourselves to the people on our right and on our left, but that he knew we already had.  You really get to know who they are.  So rather than traveling and only meeting people superficially, you get to know the real person.  You get to make some real friends.  It is why when I go on a nude cruise, I run into so many people that I already know.  And living in the Northwest, it’s always great to get rays in the winter down south.

There’s a wide range of places you can enjoy nude vacationing.  There are large, luxurious resorts as well as rustic, back to nature camp grounds.  There are places to visit everywhere from high in the mountains to down on the beaches.  You can swim in the oceans, in lakes or ponds, in rivers, or in the many pools that grace our clubs, or just gather with friends in your hot tub.  You can attend dances, parties and movie nights at AANR clubs.  You can find everything from car shows to 5K runs, from potlucks to rock concerts.  Some clubs have even arranged special events like nude evenings at nude art exhibits, nude improv comedy nights, nude house boating and canoeing, or nude bowling.  Whatever you enjoy, you can probably find someplace to enjoy it in the nude.

Think of the ways that AANR helps you travel.  We help you find safe, family friendly parks to visit.  We support our current clubs, and help new clubs get started and grow.  We work to ensure legal challenges to our current parks and beaches are defended against.  We also work with current beach advocates and help to develop new nude beaches.  And of course there are the discounts that you get as an AANR member.

While there are many lovely nudist venues, there are large parts of the country where there are not any.  We need more.  This points to our many challenges.  How do we protect the venues that we have and create new ones?  As owners of resorts grow older and their heirs do not want to own a nudist park, as a community we can help to find new owners for these resorts in order to keep them nude.   We need to support and visit other clubs in our area and on our travels, in addition to our own club.  We need to provide ideas for activities and for growth.  We need to support AANR and its mission.


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