Trustee Report – Fall 2018 Board

Thank you to everyone for your confidence in electing me to be AANR-NW Member Trustee.  You have my pledge to be available to you for your questions, needs and concerns.  My email is  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

As chair of the Membership Marketing Committee, we are moving ahead in finding a replacement to the membership and accounting software for the AANR office.  The current software is very old.  Its replacement will make it easier for certifying officers to do their jobs, as well as making the jobs of the office staff easier.  New software will make reporting more transparent.  And this new package will make the other changes that we hope to make to membership easier to implement.

The Membership Marketing Committee shall be responsible for the following and related aspects of the Association: Membership recruitment and retention, marketing plans for growth in membership and the subcommittees WINR (Women in Nude Recreation) and Singles.

Some of the tactical issues that this committee will address are new ways to reimburse clubs for selling AANR membership, auto renewal, moving to all individual memberships, permanent cards, etc.  Strategically, how to grow new AANR memberships is the primary objective.  As in all things, your ideas are encouraged.

Joan Harris is the committee chair of WINR (Women in Nude Recreation.  Her committee is working on how we can react in this era of #METOO.  At the convention, she asked us to answer several questions, that we may want to ask at our clubs.  Just asking the questions are instructive and great discussion starters.

  1. Do we have specific policies and procedures in place for telling members and guests what behavior is expected at our venue?
  2. Do we have specific policies and procedures in place for what a person should do if she/he has a problem?
  3. Do we have specific policies and procedures in place for how we respond to reported problems?
  4. Do guests and members know to whom problems/concerns should be reported?
  5. How do we know they know? How are we making sure?

Joan is also the chair of the planning committee.  Ralph Collinson is chairing a subcommittee of the planning committee to survey our current and past members to find out why the value AANR?  (Or don’t value AANR?)

Lastly, I was able to be at trial with John Brower, who was cited for being nude at the World Naked Bike Ride earlier this year in Houston.  John was relieved to have his case dismissed because of great legal representation.  AANR-NW also supported John financially.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Lahey

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