Former SLUGS President Ticketed at WNBR for Mere Nudity

John Brower, a past president of the SLUGS (Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies), was ticketed for “disorderly conduct – exposure” at the WNBR  (World Naked Bike Ride) in Houston, and the charge was later increased to indecent exposure, even though the DA apparently stated that the activity didn’t rise to the level of indecent exposure.  John was the president of the SLUGS in the early 2000s, and moved to Houston about ten years ago to be with his new wife and to take a new job .  He first participated in the WNBR in Seattle.  Since moving to Houston, his major nudist community has been with the WNBR folks.  This ride was the 8th annual WNBR in Houston and he was on the planning committee. This ride was well advertised.  While clothed in a sarong, he was ticketed in the parking lot before his ride even began because of a complaint.  The complaints were specifically about nude men.  No one else was ticketed, even though there were nude women, and John wore a sarong through most of the event since he was the trailing rider  On his lawyer’s suggestion, he pleaded not guilty to the charge of indecent exposure.  This ride was a protest for body freedom, cyclist vulnerability, and against oil dependency.  We can support John in his fight by donating to a fund that will help cover his attorney funds at 

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