AANR Election Results

The results of the AANR election were announced early this afternoon.  Turnout was high.  Eric Schuttauf, current interim AANR Executive Director, said “An incredible eighteen percent (18%) of the eligible electorate cast ballots during the election. This is much stronger than the participation for electing such boards as those who govern employee pension funds, and even government primaries. Whatever the outcome, these are numbers that show you care about the future of your association.”
Our new officers will be:

President – Kathy Watzel
Vice President – Patty Faber
Secretary/Treasurer – Kathy Smith
Trustees will be:
  • Ronna Krozy – Club Trustee Tier 1-2
  • Lewis Dreblow – Club Trustee Tier 1-2
  • Robert Roche – Club Trustee Tier 3
  • Joan Harris – Club Trustee Tier 4
  • Beverly Price – Club Trustee Tier 5
  • Susan Weaver – Club Trustee Tier 6-7
  • Margie Cantlon – Club Trustee Tier 6 -7
  • Fred Van Nest – AANR East
  • Ralph Collinson – AANR Florida
  • Terry Meek – AANR Midwest
  • Karen Lahey – AANR Northwest
  • Ted Peck – AANR Southwest
  • Walt Stephens – AANR West
  • Bob Campbell (who we have sadly lost but whose replacement will be selected by AANR-WC) – AANR Western Canada
Both of the propositions were enacted.  Ballot proposition #1 removed the Philippine Islands from AANR West and Ballot Proposition #2 reduces the number of trustees from 14 to 7.

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