Make Your Holiday Dinner Interesting

During the holiday season, families often gather together and enjoy one another’s company.  Does your family know that you are a nudist?  Have you considered sharing this with them?  There are many advantages to being true to yourself.  Not having to come up with fibs is always easier.  No more making excuses why they can’t come camping with you.  When you realize that you are accepted as you are, it is validating.  Most americans approve of skinny dipping.  See a NEF poll published in 2015.  So you may be surprised that your family isn’t as shocked as you thought that they would be.  You may even find out that they own a nudist getaway.  A good friend of mine found this out.  But her father hesitated to ask her to visit him.  Coming out of the clothes closet helps mainstream nudism.  The more normalized nudism is, the more accepted we are.  Lastly, your news may help overshadow political discussions at the holiday dinner party.

You can get hints on how to come out of the clothes closet by talking to your friends or by searching for hints on how people from the GLBTQ community have approached their much more difficult problem.

Happy Holidays!

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