Spencer Tunick’s Latest Works

Spencer Tunick is an American photographer whose work focuses on capturing large groups of regular folks in the nude in all kinds of settings, often in artistic patterns.  His shoots have varied from outside of the United Nations to in the Dead Sea.  His portrayal of nudism is very positive.  After being out of the spotlight for several years, Tunick is back with three new installations in the last two months.
On June 4th, 6132 Columbians braved 46 degree temperatures to pose nude at the Simon Bolivar statue in Bogota for Mr. Tunick.
On  July 9th, in the Sea of Hull project, 3200 people wearing only blue paint participated in the project that was sponsored by Hull’s Ferens Art Gallery for the British city’s City of Culture celebrations next year.  The project celebrates the city’s relationship with the sea.  The photographs will be displayed in the refurbished gallery next year.
On July 18, 100 women were selected from 1800 volunteers to be part of the “Everything She Says Means Everything”  installation in Cleveland.

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