May 2016 Nudescene


I want to personally thank everyone for the great response to the call for support in opposing the new rules proposed by the Oregon Department of Forestry.  Please be sure to read the GAT report to learn about its successful outcome.

It is time for AANR elections.  You will have received your ballots in this issue of the Bulletin.  Two years ago, the Northwest had the best turnout of any region in the election.   But it was just over 10%.  We can do better than this.  Voting is easy to do.  This year, there is one contested election.  And you get the opportunity to vote for two of your fellow Northwest Nudists to represent you as club trustees on the AANR board.  Theresa “T” Price and I are in the running for the two club trustees from the smallest of the clubs.   Be sure to read our statements in the voter’s guide.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions.   We really need your support.  Please take the time to vote.  Kathy Smith (AANR-NW Member Trustee), Paul Kuntzman (Secretary/Treasurer), Sharon McLeod (Vice-President), and Bev Price (President) are all running unopposed.

You may wonder why I am running for club trustee and not regional president.  It is because I can no longer be president of AANR-NW.  My four years have run out.  I have really enjoyed serving as your president.  And I will miss it.  But now it is someone else’s turn.   And it is also time for you to get involved.

Two of the AANR officers, Paul and Sharon, are both members of AANR-NW.  And two recent AANR Presidents have ties to our region, Pat Brown and John Kinman.  The Northwest is well represented on the AANR board.

But we mustn’t rest on our laurels.  AANR leaders are grown from strong regional leaders.  We NEED you to step up and get involved.  Come to our board meetings and conventions.  Our region has a director from every club.  At meetings, you have the opportunity to meet people from other clubs in the region.  We won’t make you volunteer.  And we do have a lot of fun.  At meetings, there is always entertainment, good food and much camaraderie. These meetings are always listed at and publicized in the eNews.  So just show up. If you want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  The next meeting is our annual convention.  This year it is July 12-16 at Sun Meadow Resort (, where a great time is always had by all.  And, August 8-15,, the AANR convention will be at the Willamettans (www,

Don’t be shy.  Your ideas, creativity, enthusiasm, skills are needed.  Please get involved.

Check out the myriad of upcoming activities.  If you don’t yet subscribe to the Northwest Nude eNews, you can join at  We won’t spam you and we will guard your privacy.

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