July 2015 Nudescene

At our Spring Board Meeting last April, it hit me how very, very welcome I have felt at most of our clubs.    This revelation happened when club volunteers were bringing us breakfast just to make it easier while we were setting up for the board meeting.  During the last few years, Jim and I have visited all of the landed clubs in our region.  During our visits, club members have gone out of their way to make our visits great.  When we have been holding meetings, they have made sure that we had everything we needed to run the meeting.   When we were just visiting, they always setup a situation so that I could talk to their members, answer questions and find out what they need.   I just wanted to say an extra thank you to all of these great clubs in the Northwest.  You know who you are.

At the Spring board meeting, we had a discussion about how we greet visitors and show hospitality.   It is especially important that the person at reception is friendly and welcoming.  A few years ago, a video with some tips for the front desk was distributed by AANR.  If your club can’t find theirs, please let me know and I will try to get a copy for you.

Everyone can make it their job to be a greeter.  If you see a new face, say hello.  Several weeks ago, I was driving to our local club and had stopped to look at one of the signs that needed replacement.  A couple stopped to ask if we needed directions.  They were new to the club and didn’t know us.  But what a great addition they make to our community!

There is only one first impression.   And a bad first impression is damaging to nudism.  A good friend of mine went to a club where they didn’t feel welcome.  It was their first try at social nudism.  It took over five years for them to try again at a different club.    I am very glad that they were willing to give it a second chance, even if it took years.

It is July already, but, as always, there is a lot going on in the nude Northwest.


On July 11, at noon PST, we are “Skinny Dipping again”.  To make it interesting, we are having a friendly competition among our clubs.  Whichever club has the greatest percentage increase over the last skinny dip event gets a badge for their website.

The AANR-NW Convention follows in July at the newly renamed Tiger Mountain Family Nudist Park in Issaquah, WA .    FS was neither a fraternity nor was it in Snoqualmie.    Tiger Mountain is celebrating a big birthday (70) and the theme of the convention is “Party in your Birthday Suit”.  In addition to sports, seminars and food, there will lots of live entertainment.

The NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures) Legislative Summit is the nation’s largest gathering of legislators and legislative staff for more the 40 years.   Each year, one of the most popular booths is the AANR booth.   This year, the Summit is in Seattle August 3-6 and AANR-NW is hosting the booth.  As everyone that knows about this conference says, “It is a big deal.”  Carolyn Hawkins from AANR will be coming to help.

The following week is the AANR Convention “Surf City” at Sun Meadow Resort.  Do you realize how lucky we are to be so near to the AANR Convention?  I hope everyone is planning to attend.  I know that Sun Meadow is planning a great convention.  Whenever we have a AANR convention in the Northwest, the clubs come together to put on the reception.  This amazes the rest of the regions.  They can’t believe that we are willing to cooperate.  So, let’s do it again.   It would be great if each club could bring a dish to share.

So, other than those activities, there are all of the great opportunities for fun that the Northwest clubs provide.  There are fun runs, concerts, art shows and other events.  Do you get the Nude News?  If not, you can sign up at http://www.aanr-nw.org/?page_id=588016 or visit the http://www.aanr-nw.org/ home page.  Each week, there is a list of all of the events in the Northwest for the next two weeks.

Have fun.  Enjoy the sun.  Find time to relax.


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