November 2013 Nudescene

What is AANR all about?  What can we do to increase membership?  These questions were among many discussed at the regional and continental conventions.  (I say continental since AANR includes Canadian clubs)

So, I asked numerous members why they belong to AANR.  Many are quick to say that they belong because AANR protects their right to be nude.  Unfortunately, others question what AANR does for them.

AANR is an advocacy organization.  It’s right in our mission statement.

The Mission of AANR shall be “To advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings while educating and informing society of their value and enjoyment.”


AANR advocates for nudism and nude recreation in multiple ways.


AANR advocates for nudism by watching legislatures at all levels and lobbying for changes to laws that would restrict our right to be nude.  This is happening now.  Today.  This is not a solved problem that no longer threatens us.  Earlier this year, House Bill 34 was introduced in North Carolina which would make a woman’s that went topless to be jailed.  As I said, this is not a solved issue.


AANR advocates for nudism when it advises nudists that have been discriminated against because of being a nudist.  Many of these cases involve custody hearings.   It’s very distressing to think that someone could lose custody of their children because of being a nudist.  This very issue was facing a fellow member in AANR-NW earlier this year.


AANR advocates for nudism when it informs the public about nudism.  This accomplishes several things.  First of all, it makes being a nudist ‘normal’.  That’s another way of saying that AANR is working to mainstream us.  We are just another group that enjoy a special activity.  Some people like to ski, other people enjoy social nudism.   This makes it harder for law makers to discount our needs.  Secondly, by letting the public know about nudism, it clues nudists that just don’t know it yet about how to visit a club or other venue.


These are just a few of the ways that AANR advocates for nudism.


So, how can you do your part as a member of the organization. (Remember AANR is us.)  You can share with other AANR members about AANR advocacy.  If you see or hear about an iffy law or issue, you can contact the Government Affairs Team at  You can take a small step out of the clothes closet by letting your friends, family or acquaintances know that you are a nudist.


We need to work together to advocate for Nudism.

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