July 2013 Nudescene

It’s summer –  and the time when we get to be out in the sun.  We in the Northwest don’t have a very long summer, but let’s make sure that we take advantage of all the fun activities that are planned.

July 13th is the World Record Skinny Dip co-sponsored by AANR and TNS.  The count will take place at 1:00pm PDT.  The majority of our landed clubs will be participating.  Check out http://www.aanr.com/world-record-skinny-dip  for more information.  T-shirts are available to celebrate the event.  If you can, get a t-shirt and wear it often.  Whenever we wear Skinny Dip shirts from past years, strangers ask us about it.  And we get to tell them about social nudism, how fun it is and how many places there are to go here in the Northwest.


Following the Skinny Dip, the next weekend, July 19-21, is the 68th AANR-NW Convention at Squaw Mt. Ranch in Estacada, Oregon.  Squaw Mountain is celebrating their 80th anniversary this year.  Music, athletic competitions, games, a wine tasting, a car show, a drum circle, seminars, and much, much more are scheduled.   Use the opportunity to contribute your ideas in governing the region. Have a great time, see old friends and make new friends.  Check out http://www.squawmt.com for more information.


The remaining summer weekends are filled with 5k runs, music festivals, art shows, and other ways to celebrate being nude in the Northwest sun.  Check out the calendar at http://www.aanr-nw.org.


This all sounds like fun.  Bring a friend along.  Let your friends, family, coworkers know about the fun activities and invite to bring them with you,  You may be pleasantly surprised when they are willing to try it out.  Our clubs are being challenged with membership retention and growth.  Just think what it would mean to our organization if everyone introduced just one person to nudism.


So have a great summer.  Don’t forget to use plenty of sunscreen.  I hope to see all of you at the AANR-NW convention at Squaw Mt. Ranch in July.

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