Trustee Report – July 2019 Nudescene

As your AANR Trustee from this region, I want to let you know that your board has continued to stay active in between meetings.  We are acting on matters using electronic discussion and voting.  With the current challenges around the need for growth and the deficit budget, we realize that we have much work to accomplish and that it cannot happen during two short meetings per year.

I chair the Membership Marketing Committee.  We have found a new way that AANR will be processing memberships that will easier for members, clubs and for AANR.  It will offer ways to setup auto-renewal, which promises to reduce member loss.  Our committee is also proposing changes in membership that will make it easier for the office to process members and thus use more of their time to recruiting new membership.  These changes are tactical changes.  We must now work on strategic ideas on how to grow and retain membership.

While I am always open to your ideas.  Since the AANR Convention is in our region this year, you have the opportunity this summer to come to Idaho and learn what is going on and to participate in the discussion.  Elsewhere in the Nudescene, you can read about the fun time that is happening at the 2019 AANR Convention at Sun Meadow from August 12-18.   You can also come to the meetings.  You can talk to your officers and board members.  People in the audience are usually allowed to speak.  Please come.  Learn.  And Contribute.  We need you!

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