AANR-NW Spring Board Meeting and Destination Asia

Come to the AANR-NW Spring Board Meeting and stay for Destination Asia.  AANR-NW Board Meetings are open meetings.  The next meetings start on April 6th at 10:00am at Mountaindale Sun Resort .  At the meetings on Saturday, you will get to hear what the various committees are working on and you will get to voice your opinions.   And you will get to meet many interesting people.  After the meetings on Saturday, you will get to go on a plane ride to Destination Asia.

This unique experience of sights, music, and tastes of Asia will be presented in the MSR clubhouse, converted into an airliner, where a unique variety of short films will be shown as tasty Asian inspired cuisine is served by our extraordinary flight attendants during the journey.

Come fly with us, April 6, 2019, Boarding begins 5:30 pm.

Reserve your seat for only $15.

Due to limited seating, reservations recommended.
Enjoy a sneak preview of the flight at:

For more information about the experience or to make reservations, please contact:

The AANR-NW Board Meeting reconvenes on Sunday Morning at 9:00am with the official Board Meeting.

Please come join with your AANR-NW Board.

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