Trustee Report – April 2019 Nudescene

At the AANR Mid-Winter Board in Lutz, Florida, we trustees concentrated on the problem of a deficit budget and fewer members.  While we in the Northwest had minimal growth last year (about 5%), overall AANR saw a loss in membership.  This continues a serious trend.  We know that Nudism needs AANR.  Again and again, our opportunity to be nude is threatened and our communal efforts to work against those threats make all of the difference.  The 26 years that AANR has lobbied and created a network of friendly legislators and NCSL (National Conference of State Legislators) makes a difference.  Having people watch for unfriendly legislation makes a difference.  Having legal advice with you are personal threatened because you are a nudist makes a difference.  And this happens regularly.

But the word doesn’t get out.  People don’t know who or what AANR is.  We aim to change that.  There will be a new feature in the Bulletin about legal issues that have been worked on by AANR.  Read it.  Point it out to your friends.  And tell your friends about AANR and why we are important.  If not for AANR, it’s like the old question.

Who’re you gonna call?

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Lahey

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