AANR-NW Fall Board Meeting

The 2018 AANR-NW Fall Board is convening at Sun Meadow Resort on September 28th-30th. The AANR-NW board consists of a director that is either appointed or elected from each of the clubs in the region as well as a director that represents those AANR members that do not belong to a club. However, everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in the board meetings. The wide representation within the board means that every club is represented. It also means that the board is a fairly large group of people who have worked together, getting to know one another. We have a good time, both at the great entertainment, including a DJ Dance Saturday night, as well as just in getting to see our friends.

Come to Sun Meadow for the Fall Board Meeting. Please remember, there is room for everyone to participate. And we would love to welcome you at the board meeting. Try it, you just might like it.

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