AANR-Florida Success

AANR-Florida Government Affairs and AANR-Florida representatives have accomplished a huge milestone for their state and AANR regions.

To enjoy the full impact of their accomplishment and success go to the Florida tourist website at  https://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/florida-beaches/nude.html

The following was cut and pasted from the visitflorida.com website. “Like naturists themselves, the resorts catering to nudists come in all shapes and sizes, and appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Florida’s 34 resorts range from rustic allure to luxury, family-centric to LGBT.”

At the very bottom of the page you will see that resorts are also listed!  Links to the following are provided  AANR Florida, the Index of Florida Naturist OrganizationsSouth Florida Free Beaches, and B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation.

How does this impact all regions?  Including nude recreation on VisitFlorida.com creates a totally mainstream respect for nude recreation.  Tourists visiting the site and planning to vacation elsewhere will research and see that AANR affiliated resorts exist across the US.  Other regions can use this site as a marketing and PR tool for promoting AANR.

After joining Visit Florida, AANR-Florida developed a brochure to be distributed at all of the state’s welcome centers They then hired John Heather, from St. Leo’s University to develop an economic impact study of nude recreation in Florida.  With this study, working with the AANR-Florida lobbyist, they got the state to agree to include nude tourism on their website.  These efforts were funded with a Visit Florida $5,000 grant that AANR-Florida matched and an  AANR Education Fund $5,000 grant that AANR-Florida matched. These dollars and a massive number of AANR member volunteer hours achieved this success!

The next time you are asked “What does an AANR membership do for me?  Direct them to the visitflorida.com website!

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