How the Musicians View You

During the recent “Skin to the Wind” Festival at Sun Meadow, I sat down with the musicians to find out how they viewed us, the nudists in their audience.

The first of the artists was David G. Smith.  It was his first time visiting a nudist resort or performing at one.  He had not yet performed.  He seemed perfectly comfortable as a nudist.  He attributed it to work he had done in the medical community.  He often gives back and plays for Seniors.  He said everyone was super friendly and it was like an adventure.  He said it “Feels like Home”.  Giving back is important to him.

The other artist that I spoke with was James Lee Stanley.    He has frequently played at Sun Meadow, so he is definitely not a nudist newbie. He also was comfortable with nudism.   When asked what was different about playing at Sun Meadow, his answer was that he wasn’t supposed to be political.  During concerts, he tries to encourage people to think.  He knows it is important for his audience to like him.

I expected to find some differences in nudist audiences.  You don’t already find what you expect.

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