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Because it is that time of year again (you know, when nudist news is not plentiful) …

I was cleaning out my store of mentalfloss magazines and came across an interesting fact.

The inventor of the Lava Lamp was a champion of the naturist movement in England.  Edward Craven Walker was a Royal Air Force squandron leader. In the early 1960s, his idea for the Astro Lamp, known in the US as the Lava Lamp,  was inspired by an unusual egg timer that he saw in a pub.  His lamp sold millions.   His sloan was “If you buy my lamp, you won’t need drugs”.

He made his first fortune, with the pseudonym Michael Keatering,  with the film “Traveling Light”, a naturist underwater ballet.  Other films were “Eves on Skis” and “Sunswept”.

He started his own naturist club in Matchams, Hampshire.

He died at the age of 82 in August of 2000.

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