Join in the fun — AANR-NW Spring Board Meeting

Meetings are not everyone’s idea of fun.  And that’s OK.  But getting to know the people that come to the meetings can be.  You don’t have to sit in the meetings, but you are certainly welcome to be part of the meetings.  The upcoming board meeting is at Sun Meadow and there are many other fun things do to while the rest of us are in meetings.  In the evening, the entertainment will be stellar.

During a typical AANR-NW board meeting weekend,  we reconnect with friends.  Even during the actual meetings, we laugh a lot.  For example, will I be able to get through the introductions without making a mistake?  While we don’t always agree, our discussions and forums on Saturday are the time that we usually come to consensus on what the group wants.  We respect one another and it shows.  Actual votes happen on Sunday.

If you can’t make it for the Spring Board meeting on April 8-10, come for the AANR-NW Convention at Sun Meadow in July.  It follows the week after the “Skin to the Wind” Festival July 12-17.  And for the second time in a row, the AANR convention is in our region.  In August, it will be at the Willamettans. , August 8-15, 2016.

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