May 2013 Nudescene


Spring is coming.  Actually, by the time you read this Nudescene, it is already here.

The wonderful thing about warmer weather is that we get to play outside in our birthday suits without goose bumps.

Warmer weather also means that we are going to our parks for spring cleaning and sprucing up.  And where does the labor for all the cleaning and sprucing come from — volunteers?

From, a volunteer is a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

I propose that as nudists we adopt some volunteer adages.

If you see something that needs to be done, don’t complain about it.  Do something to fix it.   If necessary, ask the person in charge for permission.   But, I bet your help will be much appreciated.

If a fellow volunteer does (or doesn’t do) something that upsets you, take a big breath.   And then approach the issue assuming that the other guy was acting in good faith.  They either thought they were doing what was right; there is something that you don’t know or they don’t know.    Whatever you do, remember how much they are being paid.

In some ways, volunteers are like the three bares.

There is Busy Betty, who takes on way too many jobs.  It is tempting to ask the busiest person to do something, because they will usually get it done.  Betty’s challenge is to learn when to say no.  It will do no one any good if she burns out.

There is NotMe Norm, who is happy to let other people to be the volunteers.  Isn’t the park or beach a place to relax?  Norm’s challenge is to try saying yes.  He will probably enjoy the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment.

The goal is JustRight John who both works and plays in his nudist retreat.

If we could all be JustRight Johns, think about the great times we would all have enjoying life together in our all together.

In other news —

We had a great turnout at the Northwest Gathering on The Big Nude Boat in February.  We should be proud; our meet up had the best turnout.

AANR is partnering with TNS to hold the 2013 World Record Skinny-Dip on July 13, 2013.   This year’s skinny dip will be a little different.  It is not sanctioned by Guiness World Records and so will be easier for the coordinators of the events.

And then, the following week is our regional convention at Squaw Mountain Ranch.  Come, it will be a great time to get together and see one another.

We are having Hand’s Across the Border gatherings with AANR-Western Canada.  In June, there will be a gathering at Sun Meadow.  In August, we will visit our Canadian friends in.

So, let’s go out there and have some fun in our birthday suits!







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